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* The prices you see are the price for one taxi (tax included).
* Entrance fee and meals are not included. 
* Let us take the hassle out of seeing the sights of Hiroshima,with your own private City of Hiroshima guided tour in a Hiroshima Taxi.
* We will pick-up and drop-off at your inner Hiroshima hotel or (central) Hiroshima location.
* During your private Hiroshima tour you will be shown the iconic sights of Hiroshima,stopping for a short explanation and photos.
* Our guides know where to stop to get the best pictures of the attractions,then be ready to move on at your speed.

riding capacity 5 adults

Hiroshima Sightseeing Tour Hours Rates
Hiroshima Station -> Shukkeien Garden -> Hiroshima Castle ->
@@Peace Memorial Park (A-Bomb Dome, Museum) -> Hiroshima Station
3 hours 18,000yen
Hiroshima Station -> Shukkeien Garden -> Hiroshima Castle ->
Peace Memorial Park (A-Bomb Dome, Museum) ->
Ogon Mountain -> Okonomiyaki Village -> Hiroshima Station
4 hours 24,000yen
Hiroshima Station -> Hiroshima Castle ->
Peace Memorial Park (A-Bomb Dome, Museum) ->
Miyajima (Itsukusima Shrine, Otorii Gate, Senjokaku, Five-storied Pagoda)->
Hiroshima Station
6 hours 36,000yen

* World Heritage Sites
A-Bomb Dome
->More Imformation
Itsukusima Shrine
-> More Imformation

* Sightseeing Spots

Hiroshima Castel Shukkeien Garden
Hiroshima Castle is also known as "carp castle". The exterior of its donjon was restored to the former condition in 1958. The exhibits in the castle tell us how the castle was constructed and what was going on in Hiroshima during the Edo Era. War helmets and armor, used by Hiroshima-based feudal lords and warriors, are on exhibit in the castle. The second compound was reconstructed in 1994. Shukkeien Garden was constructed in 1620 by Soko Ueda (who is known as a famous master of the tea ceremony) as the garden of the villa for the Asano clan. It's name (literally "shrunken-scenery garden") expresses the idea of collecting and miniaturizing many scenic views (mountains, rivers, thoroughfare in Kyoto, etc.), and according to tradition, the miniature landscape is modeled on Xihu (West Lake), a world-famous scenic spot in China.
Ogon Mountain Okonomiyaki Village
Ogon Mountain overlooks Hiroshima City. It is 221.7m above sea level.The meaning of Ogon is Gold in English. Legend is that Ogon Mountain appears to shinine in the evening sunlight of Setouchi (Sea) There, you can see Hiroshima Bay and MAZDA factory and so on.
Okonomi Village, which has a 40-year history since many stalls began to serve okonomiyaki in and around the park, has become one of the city's principal sights of interest. The current building, which houses 26 okonomiyaki eateries, was completed in 1992. Soba-niku-tama (okonomiyaki with Chinese noodles, pork, and egg) is priced at 700 yen. All of the eateries use original okonomiyaki sauce co-developed with Sun Foods. You can enjoy watching okonomiyaki being cooked, because types of noodles to be used, cooking order, etc. defer depending on each eatery, which also serves Teppan-yaki (roasted meat, sea foods, etc.) with distinctive originality.